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Hot Chilli Sauces feel the heat with some of the World's hottest chilli sauce. We also make extreme hot pepper products including powders, flakes and chutneys.


Hell Unleashed The Hottest Sauce In The World

Hell Unleashed The Hottest Chilli Sauce In The World  >> More info





30ml 19.50

Carolina Reaper Hot Chilli Sauce

made with the worlds hottest chilli

This delicious and potent puree is a blend of Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper and vinegar  >> More info



50ml 4.00

Garlic Buzz Chilli Sauce

If you like garlic you'll love this chilli sauce, its got a ton of fresh garlic roasted and a touch of chilli to help lift the senses from the pure garlic flavour.



148ml 4.00

Black Gold, Jerk Sauce Dipping

This chilli sauce was developed to use on rice and peas



148ml 4.00

Caribbean Rum Jerk Chicken Sauce

Jer chicken hot sauce

Caribbean food, Jerk chicken and rice, traditional foods and flavours are delicious. >> More info



148ml 4.00

Hot Chilli Sauce Be Damned

very hot chilli sauce

Be Damned Sauce, the first thing to hit you is the flavour of the peppercorns and scotch bonnets >> More info



148ml 5.00

The FBI’s Ball Breaker Chilli Sauce

Ted Barrus known as TED THE FIRE BREATHING IDIOT, is an internationally famous American Chilli Reviewer. He eats and reviews the hottest things on planet earth! >> More info



148ml 5.00

Flip The Bird Chilli Sauce

A great sauce for chicken especially on the BBQ also perfect for chicken wings. >> More info



148ml 4.00

Witches Brew Sauce

Witches Brew Chilli Sauce. A Caribbean slant on Tabasco chilli sauce >> More info



148ml 4.00




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